Aspect dining table base, 210x100 cm, Teak (50802)

$6,745.00 angranjixie.comD

Aspect dining table base, 210x100 cm, Teak (50802)

$6,745.00 angranjixie.comD
Type: Dining
SKU: 50802T-P210X100RCCOB-3582

· Elegant design with a warm look · Certified Teak · Low maintenance needed · Long lifespan

Aspect 210x100 cm. is a table of an outstanding quality, in durable and elegant materials. Aspect combines the glow and warmth of the teak, with clean and solid ceramics. Aspect is designed by the Cane-line design team, focangranjixie.coming on creating a unique range of tables that can match the growing collection of high-end chairs for the outdoor space. Aspect is made with a teak frame, a solid aluminium core and a stylish ceramic table top. Cane-line teak is approved and cultivated according to SVLK certification system. The mix between the wood and the ceramic gives an exclangranjixie.comive and refined expression that can set the frame for a fantastic outdoor dining area.

Width: 210 cm | 82.7 inches *

Depth: 100 cm | 39.4 inches *

Height: 72 cm | 28.4 inches *

Weight: 22.6 kg | 49.9 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

CategoryDining table
FrameTeak, Aluminium 
Table topCeramic

Aluminium maintenance manual

Teak maintenance manual

Cane-line Ceramic maintenance manual

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